DCC House Rules

I've fallen in love with Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. My first impressions of actual play can be found here.

Originally, I had planned on running DCC as is - for a couple of sessions, at least -, but I just couldn't resist tinkering with the rules.

My house rules have since evolved to the point of a nearly total rewrite. The only part of DCC I use without changes are the spell tables.

I'm afraid my house rules have become too complex to post them here anymore.


  1. Interessant geht das auch in Deutsch.

  2. Do you have your houserules on a googledoc? I'd be interested to look at them. Here's my DCC doc, similarly overhauled.

  3. I looked at your rules and I like your thinking and goals (simplification & balance).

    I'm not really familiar with googledocs but you and anyone else interested can contact me via e-mail for a work-in-progress version of my house rules. They are nicely laid-out and are being tested in actual play.

    I can be contacted via Johann@gmx.net with another dot and my surname (Mitland) thrown in for good measure. Johann@gmx.net itself does not work.